Welcome to Barry County SATF (Substance Abuse Task Force)

The Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force (SATF) is located in Barry County, Michigan, a rural community of 59,000 residents in Southwest Michigan. The Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force was established in 2004, originally to address rising methamphetamine issues in our community. In 2007, the SATF and its partners expanded its focus and mission to include all substance abuse issues in our community.

The SATF is a collaborative coalition of more than 30 member agencies and individuals working together to make Barry County a healthier and safer community for all residents. Special focus is given to the prevention of youth substance abuse risk behaviors. SATF membership is strong and dedicated, and includes representation from law enforcement, healthcare, schools, youth, businesses, court systems, emergency management, parents, other community coalitions, and health and human service agencies throughout our county.


Working With You

Our Task Force is a community coalition that prevents substance abuse in Barry County. Over 30 members work together to address the problems and issues that substance abuse causes, while also collaborating to bring change to how our residents think and behave in everyday situations. SATF membership is strong and dedicated with representation from law enforcement to parents and health and human service agencies.


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