Youth Leadership

Curb Prejudice, Bullying, Alcohol and Drug Use

Prevention Shapes the World Around Youth

Become a Prevention Leader

Substance use prevention shapes the world around youth, thanks to youth leaders and coalition members who become community change agents. At SATF, we are proud to have a Youth Leadership group that consists of over 20 students from five high schools throughout Barry County. These change agents learn ways to handle pressures and influences in their own lives and help others on a peer level — curbing prejudice, bullying, alcohol and drug use. In addition, being a part of SATF's Youth Leadership group allows teens to realize their personal worth, leadership skills, prevention work and learning positive forms of character building — they spread the message that they are above the influence and encourage others to be above the influence as well. Prevention works and spreading this message among strong youth leaders and their peers is imperative to creating and maintaining community-level change in Barry County.


How Youth Become The Change


Annual Youth Leadership Summit (YLS)

Each year, our SATF coalition hosts a Youth Leadership Summit (YLS). The summit is strictly for teens, by teens — bringing youth together from across the partnering counties to learn more about issues affecting today's teens. The summit is held as a one-day workshop with a specialized theme, keynote speakers and various breakout sessions.


Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU)

High school students in each of the 5 districts in Barry County learn about the dangers of tobacco. With the support of our task force, SATF Youth Leaders then go to local 4th grade classrooms and present the material for early prevention.


Be The Change Campaign

The SATF Youth Leadership group works with youth from 5 school-districts to promote positive youth development by having youth planned and executed events. Youth work on the annual Youth Leadership Summit, Project Sticker Shock, alcohol and tobacco compliance checks, Teens Against Tobacco Use and host public radio service announcements.